Giant LEGO Skeleton

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Giant LEGO Skeleton

first the thanx go out to:

Giant Lego Skeleton Minifigure
by jwylie01, published Sep 25, 2017 on thingiverse

I just scaled it up to 1200% of the original.
I modified all of the parts by redrawing them with a smoother arc.
I also modified the parts so the support that you need to print is is reduced to the minimal so the print time is shorter.

If you are putting it together the legs and arm joints are so stiff that they can break. I printed all of the parts in pla and put the parts in warm water before assembling. this worked out great for me.

The model is printed on a delta printer with a 1mm nozzle and a layer of 0,8 mm

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3dModel Thumbnail leg scaled by ctrl design.stl 2 857kb
3dModel Thumbnail arm_scaled by ctrl design.stl 3 894kb
3dModel Thumbnail head_scaled by ctrl design.stl 3 3.15mb
3dModel Thumbnail body_scaled by ctrl design.stl 1 5.70mb

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