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The lovely and talented Mrs. Zheng3 is an accomplished gardener, but even she is vexed by bunnies. Up here in growing zone 5a, rabbits emerge from their warrens ravenous at the end of winter, and they’ll suck the paint off your house if they can’t find something more tender.


Enter the phytome. It’s a 3D-printed seedling cage that’s designed to keep mid-sized varmits from disturbing one’s sprouts while allowing rain and sunlight to pass through its webbing.

I’ve printed teacup-sized phytomes for small seedlings, but the one shown in this photo is scaled to the maximum dimensions my Replicator1 can handle. It’s about 15 centimeters tall, and a little less wide.

Installation is easy peasy mac and cheesy; just print and gently screw into the earth around your plant. This one’s printed in ABS plastic for durability, but for true fire-and-forget plant protection I recommend biodegradable PLA.

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