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Axial flux 3-phase PM Generator

Uploaded by Tatyana Bulgakova at 30.06.2016

Axial flux 3-phase PM Generator

This is our experimental 3-phase PM generator.
The diameter of the iron disc 100mm, 4mm shaft, bearing 624zz
The 9 coils are made of copper strip 0.2mmX6mm, isolated with PTFE film.
Neodymium magnets - 20X10X6mm
Good Luck!


Printer: Prusa i3
Infill: 0,15

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3dModel Thumbnail El_Gen_Stator.stl 1 95kb
3dModel Thumbnail TOP_GEN.stl 0 123kb
3dModel Thumbnail EL_Gen_segment.stl 1 295kb
3dModel Thumbnail EL_GEN_Belt.stl 1 1.03mb

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