bloxen barrow

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bloxen barrow

“With engines hewn from the bones of giants marched the Barrow Lords,
shuffling and relentless and putrid.”
&mdash;qie Zi, <em>The Art of Seej</em>

The barrow bloxen adds a new player race to Seej: The Barrow Lords.


A player fielding Charnel Battle Flags may right one toppled flag for every three barrow bloxen in his fortification.

There&rsquo;s always one morbid RPG/wargaming player who&rsquo;s going to pick the undead army, every time. While it&rsquo;s true that the Barrow Lords are a clear example of <a href="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OurZombiesAreDifferent">Our Zombies Are Different</A>, you also can&rsquo;t argue with the fact that Everything&rsquo;s Better With Skulls.

Perhaps they&rsquo;re on to something. Sweet, sweet brains.

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