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NES controller adapter

Uploaded by Patrick Wilson at 18.11.2016

NES controller adapter


Glue the 2 printed parts together and just put your controller in this, no harm done! You can always poke out your controller anytime.

Compatible with the original 1980s NES or the new NES Mini (2016) controller.

Shown in the photos are printed in 0.3 resolution with 8% infill.
Nintendo NES or NES Mini Controller Grip by Bingbong is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

# Summary

I always feel that the super squarish Nintendo (NES) classic controller is not giving my fingers enough loving. If you feel the same, just print this grip that I design based on the Wii Classic Controller shape. Now you can play for hours or even days with comfort!
Print with no support.

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von 3DHero am 19.11.2016 07:01:00

Leider ist das Nintendo NES Classic Mini ausverkauft :-( aber sobald ich mir das Teil zugelegt hab werde ich den NES Controller Adapter downloaden und ausprobieren :-)

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