3D Printer Templates and More

3D-Arena is a multilingual 3D printing community for the exchange of 3D printer templates and creative ideas. With us, it’s not just about downloading a 3D model, but more about sharing your ideas and exchanging knowledge with global community. Like, follow, collect, and communicate to make our social 3D network a special place on the web.


Our goal is to be the biggest platform for 3D printing templates in Germany. The German speaking 3D printing community isn’t as big as the English, but we’re growing every day as new users share with our community their latest 3D models.

3D Printer Models for Europe and the Whole World

3d Arena is a multilingual platform, thus offering templates not only for German-speaking countries 3D. Through the networking of users around the globe, we’re creating a new kind community for 3D printing. Latest trends and ideas are finding their way into the living room of the user and these can all be found thanks to 3D-Arena.

3D Objects for Private and Commercial users simultaneously

Not only private users may offer their 3D models for free at 3D-Arena. Thanks to a free license option, it is possible to also offer commercial users their latest works as a 3D printer templates on 3D-Arena. Companies can get feedback based on the number of favorites, comments, and shares of their 3D templates.

3D-Arena is a subsidiary of bau-shop-24 GmbH

The bau-shop-24 GmbH is based Esslingen (near Stuttgart), Germany and has long been known for running successful e-commerce platforms such as torshop-24.de, Torado, and handsendershop24. Furthermore, the two Internet brands Schartec and Force have been successfully implemented by the company to the so-called Neckar Valley in the online market. With 3D-Arena, the team of bau-shop-24 GmbH has completed another successful project, this time on the subject of 3D printing.