About 3D-Arena

The first German-language 3D printing community

3D Arena is the first German 3D printing community providing free downloads and uploads of 3D printer templates. Exchange, collect, like and comment on all 3D models. 3D Printing has never been so easy.

Free 3D printer templates downloads with 3D-Arena

3D-Arena furthermore allows you to share your own models and creations with other users. The 3D objects are usually available as stl download and can therefore be read by almost any popular 3D printer software.

Collect 3D models in your account or comment on current 3D templates

Gather your favorites and share your favorite 3D model with your friends. Follow other users of the community, and see the new 3D models they are creating. Leave tips, comments and suggestions for all 3D artwork.

Include any information and pictures to your uploaded stl file

Describe your 3D files and add instructions so other users learn more about your 3D templates, such as layer heights, filling material, size, etc. Furthermore, for each provided stl download, an automatic 3D visualization of the model while uploading is created thanks to 3D-Arena. More pictures to illustrate your 3D objects can be easily added.

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